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Let’s start the conversation…

Chiropractic structural correction is a gentle, specifically targeted treatment that’s suitable for the whole family. During your consultation, Dr. Leon Crowley will design a treatment plan specifically tailored to your healthcare needs.

To find out whether Dr. Crowley’s chiropractic care is right for you before making a commitment to further treatment, enjoy a complimentary 15-minute consultation, free of charge.

What to expect from your complimentary consultation:

1. A chat about the Peak Chiropractic approach to healthcare, and how we may be able to help you
2. An opportunity to share your health concerns and goals and ask any questions
3. A friendly conversation without the pressure of a sales pitch or limited time offer.

Dr. Crowley will run you through a brief overview of the Peak Chiropractic structural approach and how the focus of structural correction is different to traditional chiropractic care. Treatment methods are clearly explained so you’ll know exactly what services are provided and if it’s right for you before investing time, effort, and money.

Start your chiropractic care once you’re happy with our approach


Once we have reveiwed your situation and explored the potential treatment options, it will become clear if our method is the best way to improve your body. If you are confident that Peak Chiropractic’s healthcare method is your best option, you can book an appointment.

At Peak Chiropractic Tauranga, we have great relationships with excellent healthcare providers in our community. If our methods are not right for you, we’ll do our best to refer you to an alternative specialist to address your health concerns.

There is no charge for this case review and no obligation to start treatment with us. Book an appointment now by calling (07) 576 3546 or fill in the form below.

Peak Chiropractic is located at, 47 Cherrywood drive in Cherrywood, Tauranga.

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