What is Structural Distortion?


Structural distortion can be due to many factors. While it might be difficult to find anyone with a ‘text book perfect’ spine, when it comes to your health, there is usually what’s called a ‘normal healthy range’ to aim for. When our health strays from within these normal ranges we suffer from secondary conditions.

Structural distortion occurs when your body’s frame or skeletal structure strays from its own normal limits or when areas of your spine shift away from their normal position (alignment). This leads to a loss of normal function, compromising the nervous system through its association with the spine.

Alignment is important

When the wheels on your car are out of alignment you have issues with shuddering and uneven wear. In the same way, if the different levels of your spine move out of their normal range, you have a structural shift, which causes secondary conditions.

Our bodies use secondary conditions to warn us of potentially serious underlying problems. A structural shift away from normal in your spine is a primary condition that may be the cause of your secondary condition.

The Peak Chiropractic approach is to detect these structural shifts and develop a care plan to correct them.


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